Proper maintenance and care for server systems is a very demanding task. In order to ensure security, a server system has to be up-to-date at all times and attempted break-ins have to be detected early on.

  • You lack time and possibly the required expertise to manage a system?
  • You need assistance for the management and maintenance of your systems?

In that case, our managed service is the ideal solution for your problem! We manage your server environment and ensure  stable server operation. If you have any questions or problems, our competent team will be happy to assist you. The advantages of our managed service:

  • You receive professional technical support
  • You can concentrate on your core business and save time and personal resources
  • By outsourcing the administration, you save a lot of money
  • On request, you receive a custom managed service package tailored to your demands


Package Management S Management M Management L Management XL
Price/month 58,31 EUR 117,81 EUR 236,81 EUR 474,81 EUR
Set up fee 58,31 EUR 117,81 EUR 236,81 EUR 474,81 EUR
Order Order Order Order
24/7 Surveillance available available available available
24/7 Fault elimination available available available available
24/7 Support available available available available
Installation of system and security updates available available available available
Number of managed systems  1  1  2  5
Backup concept optional optional optional optional
Installation and configuration of specific applications optional available available available
Included HandsOn for individual labor not available available (15 min.) available (30 min.) available (2 hours)
 RemoteHands/HandsOn Mon. – Fri. from 8am to 6 pm: 26,78 EUR (billing increment: per started 15 minutes)
Other times, Sat./Sun., holidays: 160,65 EUR (billing increment: per started 60 minutes)
 FTP Backup storage  from 9,90 EUR/month
24/7 Customer support phone available
24/7 Email support available
Customer forum available
SLA Bronze available [-here-]
SLA Silver optional [-here-]
SLA Gold optional [-here-]
Terms & Conditions
Contract term 12 months
Notice period 3 months before end of contract term
Payment interval monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual
Payment method direct debit or bank transfer
Set up fee 58,31 EUR 117,81 EUR 236,81 EUR 474,81 EUR
Price/month 58,31 EUR 117,81 EUR 236,81 EUR 474,81 EUR
Order Order Order Order

available included optional optional available not available

** In accordance with directive 2006/112/EG in the modified version, from 1.1.2015 prices may vary depending on the country of residence of the customer. The prices stated in the pricing section of the products include value-added tax for the Federal Republic of Germany. **

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