Rent an Admin

With this motto we design an individual service package for your EDP and server systems, which is customized according to your demands.

Whether with a monthly flat rate or appropriate hourly or daily rates, our Rent-an-Admin package is the IT outsourcing option for small or medium-sized businesses as well as private customers.

The detailed scope of services depends on your existing infrastrucutre, your demands, the number of employees and other parameters, because the packages are individually customized to the corresponding company.

Standard tasks are, among others, the following included services:

  • Initial Target/Actual comparison
  • Continuous administration of your network through Rent-an-Admin/Net-Spacy
  • Continuous administration and maintenance of your server systems
  • The office computers of your employees are adjusted to possible changes, problems of the system and software configuration are fixed, updates are installed and your employees receive a consultation
  • A regular Rent-an-Admin day can be introduced (if needed) on which we answer questions of your employees and fix small problems on-site
  • A personal email address for future issues is created
  • In case of a problem, a Rent-an-Admin will be available to fix the problem within the appointed reaction times

As you can already see, you can not only save a great deal of time and gray hair with Rent-an-Admin, but also money! Rent-an-Admin takes care of your EDP and server system concerns and ensures that you are not left alone in case of emergency.

This enables you to concentrate on your core business and leave the administration of your EDP systems and servers to us.

Rent-an-Admin: Your advantages

  • You get a competent partner and a central contact point for most of your questions concerning IT and EDP
  • You can fully concentrate on your actual business – you use your EDP system and benefit from it instead of trying to operate it
  • You benefit from our comprehensive and profound know-how
  • As a small business, you can let Rent-an-Admin/Net-Spacy manage and maintain your entire EDP system. Through this, you do not have to hire a system administrator
  • As a medium-sized or large business, you and your IT/EDP department receive qualified support and consultation of an independent specialist which is indispensable in areas such as IT security
  • As a private customer, you receive a competent contact person that helps you with questions concerning EDP as well as emerging problems
  • Through short reaction times, you quickly receive competent on-site help in case of emergency. Because your partner is already familiar with the configuration and features of your EDP or server systems, possible downtime and unavailability can be drastically shortened

You are interested in our Rent-an-Admin service package? You are looking for a suitable partner that can support you and your company in the area of EDP? Arrange a non-binding consultation appointment with us!


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