How do I reach you if I have any questions concerning your products?

In case you have questions concerning our products, please feel free to contact us via telephone, e-mail, our homepage, our contact form or LiveChat.

How old do I have to be to place an order?

As for other forms of contract you have to be at least 18 years old.

However, there are exceptions: You have the option to hand in a declaration of consent by your parents. As soon as the signed declaration of consent is present, we will process your order immediately after receiving the signed contract!

How long does it take to process my order?

Once your order and the generated contract is signed and received by us we will process your order immediately and completely.

How long is the minimum contract term?

The minimum contract term varies, depending on the product, between 1 and 12 months – the exact minimum term can be found in the product description or through the support.

Web Hosting

Which PHP modules are installed and activated?

To find out which PHP modules are available on your account, please proceed as follows:

1. Create a new file with the name “phpinfo.php”

2. Copy the following content into the file:

phpinfo ();


3. Load the file via FTW onto your web space and open the file in your browser. (e.g.: www.your-domain.tld/phpinfo.php)

Now you can access the information concerning PHP and the installed/activated modules.

Should there be a PHP module missing that you need, please contact our support! We will try to find a suitable solution together!

How can I change my PHP settings?

For our customers there is the option to change PHP settings directly via Confixx.

In case there is an option or function missing, please contact our support! We will add desired functions if necessary.

You can configure your PHP settings under the Confixx menu point: settings > Httpd Special

There you have access to your settings such as:

– safe_mode

– register_globals

– open_basedir

– mod_rewrite

– error_log

– memory_limit

– upload_file_size

– post_max_size

– magic_quotes_gpc

– max_execution_time

– default_charset


Is mod_rewrite enabled and usable?

The PHP module mod_rewrite is available and enabled for all our web hosting and reseller tariffs.

Is my data secure with your service?

Of course!

We use several different techniques to ensure the security of your data:

1. All of our web hosting- and reseller servers have at least two hard drives and RAID1 (disk mirroring).

2. All of our servers are backed up continuously and several times a day (incrementally) and once a week (fully).

3. Our entire infrastructure is being monitored with the help of several monitoring systems working independently from each other! In case of a system malfunction, we are notified in time to step in to solve the problem.

Does my web space support CMS (Content Management Systems)?

Of course we keep up with the times – since all of our web space packages include a MySQL database and PHP functions, you can install any CMS system you like.

In case there are issues or problems anyways, please contact our support.

How many users are hosted on one server?

As a matter of principle we never overload our web servers.

At present our limit is at a maximum of 300 users or less per server.


Where can I find phpMyAdmin?

PhpMyAdmin is installed on all of our servers and accessible to our customers.

You can find phpMyAdmin via your Confixx login under the menu point: Tools/ phpMyAdmin.

What version of PHP and MySQL are being used?

PHP 5.x and MySQL 5.x are available on all of our Webhosting  and Reseller servers.

Older versions of PHP and MySQL are not available for reasons of security and performance.


I need Zend Optimizer and/or Ioncube – are these programs installed?

Zend Optimizer as well as Ioncube are installed and activated by default on all of our Webhosting- and Reseller servers.

What are the server paths for my web space account?

Absolute path to the homepage: /var/www/##user##/

Sendmail: /usr/sbin/sendmail

Perl: /usr/bin/perl


Is my homepage accessible without the www?

Yes, all of our registered domains are accessible with and without “www”!

Who is entered as Owner-C and Admin-C of my domain?

When registering the domain, you are registered as Owner-C as well as Admin-C.

How do I set up a Subdomain?

You can set up Subdomains via your Confixx login under Settings > Domains. You have two options for your Subdomain setup:

1. Branching to a specific directory which is located in the /html directory. For example: /subDomain1

2. Redirection to an already existing domain. For example: http://targetdomain.tld


How can I order additional domains to my existing web space account?

On our homepage you can order additional domains by entering your customer login details during the ordering process to make sure it is assigned to your account.

If you do not have your login details, please contact our support! We will provide you with your login information.

Can I cancel a successful domain order?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. As soon as we have processed your domain order and transmitted it to the registry, the domain order cannot be cancelled anymore.

This also applies to accidental typing errors when entering your domain name. The domain is registered immediately and your customer account will be charged according to the tariff list.

How long does a domain transfer/change of providers to Net-Spacy take?

The amount of time needed to transfer the domain/change the provider depends on your current/old provider. Please note that we require a signed domain switch form via e-mail, fax or post in order to provide a smooth domain transfer. Only after we have received the form, we will start the transfer process.

The required form can be found on our homepage under Downloads as well as at the end of your order.

Some domain suffixes, including the most common suffixes such as .de/.com/.org/.info, require an “AuthCode” in order to be transferred. You can receive this AuthCode from your current/old provider. This AuthCode enables us, your new provider, to facilitate a smooth and quick domain transfer.

How long does it take until my ordered domain is accessible?

As soon as you receive your login information from us, your domain is registered. The domain registration usually takes a few minutes.

Between the domain registration and online accessiblity, some 6 to 24 hours may pass.

The registration authority takes this amount of time to upload the domain data into the name servers. Additionally, it depends on how often your internet provider reloads his name server sets. You can already access your web space, before the delegation of your domain, through the registration authority via a server subdomain. Detailed information can be found in the e-mail containing your login information.

If your domain is still not accessible after the specified amount of time has passed, please contact our support.


Is it possible to add external domains?

Of course you have the option to connect domains, which are hosted by another provider, with our servers. Please note that the maximum amount of external domains is restricted depending on your package. Our support will provide you with the exact amount!

What is the notice period for domains?

The notice period for domains is 30 days (if not announced differently – some domain names have a notice period of 90 days). Should you cancel a domain at a later point in time, we will charge your customer account for automatic service renewal.

If you already know that you do not want to renew your domain service, we offer a “discontinuation option”. If this option is selected, the domain will be “deleted” automatically after the minimum term has expired. If you want the option of automatic deletion for your domain, please contact our support.

The cancellation period of included domains is stated in the main contract (Webspace, Server etc.).


What operating systems are available for server operation?

We provide Debian Squeeze as default operating system.

Should you desire a different operating system you have the option to install the following OS:

– Debian Squeeze 32/64 Bit

– Ubuntu 10.0.4 LTS

– CentOS 6

– Fedora 14

– OpenSuSE 11.3

We also offer Windows Server 2008 Std. and Windows Web Server 2008 for a fee. The detailed information concerning pricing can be found on our homepage or via our support!

Can I upgrade a running server?

Yes, you have the option. Should your server become too “small” for your needs, there is an upgrade option. If your server model does not offer the possibility to upgrade, you can always switch to a larger server – without any additional costs for a new setup!


What is the difference between dedicated and managed servers?

The difference between dedicated and managed servers is easily explained.

In case of dedicated server, we give you a server which you are responsible for and have to manage and control.

A managed server is the ideal option, if you as a customer need a lot of ressources but do not have the time or expertise to manage a dedicated server.

During the contract period you can switch between dedicated and managed servers at any time. If you want to change your server type, please contact our support!


Which data center is my server hosted in?

At the moment we are using three locations:

1. Frankfurt am Main

2. Berlin

3. Hanover

You can find out where your server is hosted in the product description or by contacting our support!

All of our data centers have a redundant set up and several “carriers”.

Detailed information concerning the data center, is available on our homepage in the category “Technology/Data Center”!


How much bandwidth does my server have?

The detailed information concerning bandwidth can be found in the product description. For the most part, our dedicated and managed servers are connected with 100MBit/s FullDuplex. In rare cases, our servers are for example connected to a rented 10MBit/s xD “Flat” with only 10 MBit/s.

Optional: With our technology, you can upgrade to 1000 MBit/s or 1 GBit/s. This may result in additional costs. For detailed information concerning additional costs, please contact us via e-mail.


Which services can I use with the Net-Spacy VPN?

We are happy to inform you that, because of our widely spread VPN locations, almost all services are accessible for use.

You can enjoy online services such as YouTube, Hulu, Zattoo and many more without any restrictions.

Which services are prohibited for the Net-Spacy VPN?

Of course we want to offer our customers as much freedom in their personal use of the VPN as possible. Therefore, all kinds of ports are open for use.

However, please consider that our VPN accounts may only be used for legal purposes. A violation of these rules will lead to immediate and permanent ban.

P2P traffic (in every form) is prohibited! If you are not sure whether the service you are using is legal or not, please contact our support.

Are there any blocked ports with Net-Spacy VPN?


With all our VPN plans you receive accounts without any restrictions. Therefore, you may use and operate almost all protocols and services via VPN.

What operating systems are supported by the VPN?

Nearly every operating system supports the VPN function. However, there are different tunneling protocols: PPTP, L2TP via IPSec, OpenVPN.

Here is an overview of the standard supported protocols:

Windows supports the following protocols: PPTP, L2TP via IPSec, OpenVPN

Linux supports the following protocols: PPTP, L2TP via IPSec, OpenVPN

Max OS X supports the following protocols: PPTP, L2TP via IPSec, OpenVPN

Android supports the following protocols: PPTP, L2TP via IPSec

iOS supports the following protocols: PPTP, L2TP via IPSec

What is VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a computer network that uses a public network to transport private data. This connection to the public network is usually encrypted.

What can I use your VPN accounts for?

Our VPN accounts can be used for a multitude of (legal) purposes.

We want to give you a concise overview of possible usage of our VPN accounts:

– anonymously and safely browse the internet via LAN, WLAN, mobile networks

– access region-locked websites

– activate region-locked games

– play region-locked games

– connect several devices/ computers via VPN

Please excuse the briefness of our overview, but since the possible ways to use a VPN are nearly endless, we have decided to only list the most popular ones.

What VPN locations do you offer?

We currently provide the following server locations to our customers:

– Germany

– Austria

– Switzerland


In the near future, we will add new locations to our existing system such as:

– Netherlands

– France

– Italy

– Turkey

– Ukraine

– Romania

– and many more

If you feel like there are important locations still missing from our list, please contact us – we are happy to expand our location network according to your needs.

SSL Certificates

What does browser compatibility mean?

When a browser recognizes an SSL- or Code Signing certificate, the validity and credibility of certificate is tested. An SSL certificate is deemed trustworthy if it has been signed by a “trusted” instance or a pre-installed root certificate is present. Since 1996, root certificates by Thawte, a globally recognized certification authority, come pre-installed on all common web browsers.

What is a certification authority (certificate authority, CA)?

SSL certificates are recognized as indicators for online security. An SSL certificate identifies a specific domain (e.g. thawte.com) and a web server. The “trustworthiness” of a security indicator depends on the creditbility of the issuing authority.

Certification authorities verify the information of private customers or businesses with the help of several methods. Established certificate authorities, such as Thawte, are well-known and have gained the trust of browser developers. Browser developers also trust in digital certificates that have been verified by Thawte.

How does SSL certification increase the trustworthiness of my website?

SSL certificates comprise verified information concerning the secured website. Through this, users can be sure that they really access your website. Extended Validation offers the highest standard of verification and the largest transparent security for the users in the industry. In high-security browsers, the address bar is colored green.

If you display the Thawte® Trusted Site Seal, your customers can click it in order to receive information about the identification data of the website, the verifiying certificate authority (such as Thawte) as well as the expiration date of the SSL certificate. Newer browsers show the identification information of a website if the user hovers the curser over the address bar. You can also click on the padlock symbol.

What is encryption and why are there several levels?

Encryption is a mathematical process to encode and decode information. The amount of bits (40, 56, 128, 256 Bits) indicates the key length. There are several combinations for a longer key just as for a longer password. 128-bit encryption is a billion times stronger than 40-bit encryption. The strength of the encryption when creating an encrypted session depends on the capacity of the web browser, the SSL certificate, the web server and the operating system of the client.

Why do I need SSL?

Thanks to SSL certificates, the privacy of online traffic is maintained despite the public nature of the internet. This strengthens the trust of the customers towards your website. When the user logs into your website and puts in personal data such as credit card numbers, health insurance services or bank account information, you have to maintain confidentiality of the data. Additionally you have to ensure that customers can confirm the authenticity of your website.

Amongst other things, SSL is used in E-mail servers, internet-based applications and comunication between servers.

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is code on the web server which secures your online communication.

If a web browser connects to your secure website, the SSL certificate enables a secure connection. This procedure is comparable with sealing a letter before sending it.

Since every SSL certificate contains identification information, these certificates create trustworthiness. If you request an SSL certificate, a third party (such as Thawte) verifies the data of your company and creates a unique certificate based on that. This is called authentification.

Is one certificate valid for all my domains?

There are two options available: Single Domain certificates and Wildcard certificates. While Single Domain certificates can only be used for one (sub-)domain, Wildcard certificates can be used for an unlimited amount of Subdomains, which are part of the same main domain!

When do I need an SSL certificate?

Having an SSL certificate creates a professional impression to visitors of a website and increases trustworthiness of personal data security of, for example, an online shop.

What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is an open standard for secure data transmission between a web browser and your website on the internet.

With the help of SSL, the unauthorisied access of third parties to security-related information such as credit card numbers is prevented.

Additionally, the authenticity of a server can be verified through SSL.

What does Certificate Signing Request (CSR) mean?

The CSR is a public key that is being created on the server following the instructions of your server software. (If you do not have access to the server, your web host or internet provider can create the CSR.) The CSR is required to apply for the SSL certificate, since it is needed to verify specific information concerning the web server and your company.


Is it possible to access billing information online?

Yes, you can find all of your bills in our NKC (Net-Spacy Customer Center). You receive the login details with your access details for your ordered product. If you still need your login details and the URL of the Customer Center, please contact our support!


What forms of payment do you accept?

We try to be as flexible as possible concerning payment processing. For this reason we offer several payment methods to our customers.

For customers from Germany, the following payment methods are available:

– credit transfer

– direct debit

For customers outside of Germany, the following payment methods are available:

– EU credit transfer

– Paypal

– Moneybookers


Can I receive my bills through the post?

Of course you have the option to receive your bills through the post. For this, we will charge a processing fee of 2,50 EUR per paper bill.

If you choose to receive your bills via post, please contact our accounting department!

How long is the notice period?

The specific notice period can be found in the description of the product! Depending on the type of product, the period of notice varies between 14 days and 3 months.

How do I cancel service?

Please send in your cancellation letter in written form via post or fax.

Important: Only signed cancellation letters are valid!

Please note: Should you own domains from us and do not want to cancel but transfer them, please inform us so that we can release your domain name – We will provide you with the AuthCode to facilitate a smooth domain transfer.

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