Data center

Nowadays, when looking for a suitable data center you can find a large selection of providers – which data center is right for your business projects? Since every part of managing a business is important, so the project managing should be one of the top priorities and the use of a pmp certification training austin tx for this could be useful, besides this the use of the right technological resources also matter, so having a the right data centers could make a real different on the business. When choosing a suitable data center, you should consider the following factors:

  • Where is the data center located?
  • What equipment and connection does the data center use?
  • Since when is the data center in operation?
  • How large is the data center?

We made an effort to search for suitable data centers and have decided on locations in Berlin, Hanover and Frankfurt am Main. All of our data centers have:

  • reduntant power supply
  • redundant UPS systems
  • gas-based suppression systems
  • redundant backbone connection
  • 24/7 camera surveillance
  • multilevel access control

Data center location – BER1 (main location)

 Power supply  Air conditioning
    • Diesel generator with a 4.000 l tank


    • Two medium voltage transformers


    • 48V DC, 230V AC power


    • Redundant 230V UPS power supply (A-/B-feed)


    • Power supply with ring circuit, from the energy provider into the building


  • Power supply through double floor
    • Heat exchanger to dissipate the heat


    • Air conditioning through double floor


    • Cold aisle/hot aisle


  • Constant room temperature of 24° (+-2°)
 Other  Fire protection
    • Ceiling height of over 3 meters


  • Max. load capacity of 1000kg per m²
  • Early fire detection, fire alarm system and ARGON fire suppression system
 Security  RemoteHands/HandsOn/Support
    • 24/7 video surveillance of the location


    • Automatic access control and intrusion detecion system


    • Building management system (BMS) to evaluate different sensors (humidity, temperature, etc.)


    • Inconspicuous location


    • Protection against water, radiation, vandalism due to data center location


    • 24/7 video surveillance of the areas used by Net-Spacy (Cage)


  • Biometric access control of the areas used by Net-Spacy (Cage)
    • Competent support on 7 days of the week (by Net-Spacy staff)


    • 24/7 emergency support (by Net-Spacy)


    • RemoteHands with own staff (Net-Spacy)


    • Execution of reboots


    • Installation of hardware


    • Troubleshooting in case of problems


  • Execution of customer instructions
    • Cable trays – separated from power supply and descended from above


  • Carrier neutral


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